Healing Through Creativity

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Integration of Attention, Expression and Embodiment

Integrative modalities open the bodymind to its natural process of healing. I know that you can heal. I can help you listen to your own intuitive knowledge and present tools to express, discover, and come home to your own healing process. The places where you get stuck contain tremendous potential energy. These thresholds present the opportunity to look more deeply, learn from your experience, and release what stops you. When we accept and appreciate our body, thoughts and emotions without judgment, healing can spontaneously occur.

Who benefits from integrative methods? Anyone who wishes to shed deep seated blockages of the bodymind that are resistant to, or even proliferate, with only our usual verbal communication. Healing Through Creativity can be especially helpful for those living with chronic illness, pain, or cyclical bad habits; relationship issues; the residuals of trauma; issues of loss and grief; and the challenges of major life transitions.