Lohan Hands Qigong

Smiling QiGong
Wilmington, OH
When: One Saturday Morning each month

Class size limited, contact me for details.

Increase awareness, vibrancy, joy
Learn meditation in motion – simple movements coordinated with the breath
Improve stamina, range of motion, mental focus, emotional health
Qigong is safe, effective, and enjoyable
It’s easy to learn and fun to practice!

In this workshop you’ll learn selected forms of the Lohan Hands. This workshop touches on all aspects of qigong: visualization, stillness, mindfulness and movement; detoxing stagnation, accessing, circulating, and storing fresh energy; harmonizing body, mind and spirit; learning to profoundly trust your body and mind.

The workshop is open to everyone who has done a QiGong introduction with me. For people who are already ‘healthy,’ qigong can enhance that health to a new level of functioning with vitality and open awareness throughout the day. For people with health issues, qigong provides a safe, gentle method to access the bodymind’s natural healing power. Lohan Hands can be practiced standing or sitting in a chair.

Amy Shoko Brown offers weekly classes, workshops, and private classes. In her private practice of Healing Through Creativity, she synthesizes her training in energy/body work, art therapy, and mindfulness. She has been studying meditation and QiGong intensively for over twenty-five years. Feel free to email Amy Shoko Brown with questions, and to be notified about her other workshops & classes in the Dayton area.

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