The Path of Joy through Energy Healing

Health is more than the absence of disease!  It’s a state of joy, equanimity, and empowerment. The ancient art of qigong – energy work – brings imbalances into harmony. Qigong facilitates optimal functioning of our bodymind with minimal effort.

  • Increase awareness, vibrancy, joy
  • Learn meditation in motion – simple movements with focused breathing
  • Improve stamina, range of motion, mental focus, emotional health
  • Qigong is safe, effective, and enjoyable
  • It’s easy to learn and fun to practice!

Classes, workshops & private sessions available!



Smiling Qigong Course 
Wilmington, OH

Featuring the most powerful, efficient qigong I’ve ever met, the 18 Lohan Hands.  Bringing together body, mind, & breath, these forms optimize health & overall well-being.

Whenever I’ve taught Lohan Hands, people glow with the results – when they do them regularly. But many people have a hard time establishing a regular practice.  This class is designed to help you with the follow through so that you can maximize the benefits of this powerful practice.  We’ll combine in-person intensives with support video & audio to help you integrate between sessions.

Please Contact me for more information about these monthly workshops, and other classes & workshops in the Dayton area!

May your path be joyful, may your heart be open, may we meet in peace.