Our Bodies: Explore, Express, Renew

The wisdom and power of our body lies just below our everyday awareness. Explore the body with kind attention, expression and energetic embodiment.

Why do I say “express”? Because you actually do something creative! I guide you through simple visualization and meditative awareness of the body. Then you create through shape, color, form, an image of your experience. In this process you will embrace and express sensations of joy, discomfort, expansion and contraction. Through this guided process, you gently and confidently discover your own body’s intelligence.

This simple exploration can help you access and have more confidence in your ability to accept and move more comfortably with anything in your life…it is natural to change!

Our Bodies participants say the workshop is “relaxing and opening,” a way of putting “healing back in the hands of the person who needs/wants to be healed in a gentle, creative way.”

Check the calendar for Our Bodies workshops for men and women as well as for women only.