Smiling Qigong Workshops

Wilmington, OH

Featuring the most powerful, efficient qigong I’ve ever met, the 18 Lohan Hands.  Bringing together body, mind, & breath, these forms optimize health & overall well-being.

Whenever I’ve taught Lohan Hands, people glow with the results – when they do them regularly. But many people have a hard time establishing a regular practice.  This class is designed to help you with the follow through so that you can maximize the benefits of this powerful practice.  We’ll combine in-person intensives with support video & audio to help you integrate between sessions.

Open for in-person initiations (arrival 8:45am) and returning students (9am)

Usually the 1st Saturday of the month.

Please Contact me for more information!

May your path be joyful, may your heart be open, may we meet in peace.