I bring together my deep roots in compassionate mindfulness training, love of the creative process, and profound appreciation for the healing modalities of Somatic Experiencing and QiGong, to support students and clients to embody their most resilient, creative, and loving selves.

Somatic Experiencing* (see below) is a profound method for regulating an unbalanced nervous system. My training with the SE Therapy Institute emphasized learning theory, supervised client sessions, and personal SE sessions so that I know the work form the inside & out. This is essential because an SE practitioner is the “tuning fork” for your healing. With SE and on-going body psychotherapy training, I’m continually engaging my own practice so that I can serve you well. In addition to offering private sessions in SE, I currently serve as a Training Assistant (in Ohio, California and NYC) and Coordinator (in NYC) for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

I’ve studied QiGong (Chi Kung – Energy Work) beginning in 1990 with several teachers including Ken Cohen, Arthus Makaris, and Pragata Blaise. I began seriously studying qigong when struggling with chronic fatigue, finding qigong to be the only form of exercise that I could engage in with good benefits. Many years later, Pragata introduced me to the 18 Lohan Hands, a set of forms and spontaneous movement that completely altered my sense of what it is to be healthy!

Art is a passion, love, and sanity-keeper. I’ve always been more interested in process than product, so my style focuses on the empowerment of expression and the joy of discovery. Art has allowed me to process and express what words cannot, especially grief, loss, transition and renewal. In 1998 I earned a Masters degree in Art Therapy from the College of New Rochelle. I’ve worked with a variety of people in many settings, always appreciating how art opens the heart.

My appreciation of mindfulness is rooted in 25 years of training at Zen Mountain Monastery. As a lay-ordained senior practitioner, I regularly offered beginning instruction in zazen (Zen meditation), introduced people to art practice, assisted with affiliates’ retreats, and served as the Volunteer Coordinator of the National Buddhist Prison Sangha.

* Often people want to know a little more about Somatic Experiencing:  SE was developed by Peter Levine especially for re-negotiating and healing the after-affects of traumatic events. It is also a profound way of working through deep conditioned patterns, patterns that by the time you are an adult, you may already be quite skilled at describing and understanding, yet still find yourself getting hooked by. Direct work with mindful attention to the body brings the nervous system back into regulation, positively affecting mood, confidence, and the capacity to meet life’s current challenges with vitality.

What does SE work look like? Sometimes deceptively like “talk therapy” – except that the content of the talk has more to do with helping you stay within the range of where you are able to be present, rather than shooting into high states of arousal (fight/flight) or numbing states (freeze).   Most clients find that they benefit more from being helped to slow down and be present in telling only a snippet of their story, rather than “getting it all out” verbally but still feeling overwhelmed by it. Sometimes a session involves physical movement, especially to resolve incomplete survival responses. When it’s useful, I also offer SE Touch Support to aid your nervous system in recognizing the safety of this moment. These are only some aspects of SE and body-oriented modalities. Many clients do not have a specific “event” or “issue” but just know that something is “off” in their body and relationships, and they want to be healthier and more fully present. If  you’re wondering if you would benefit from this work, please contact me so that I can hear what your issues are, and we can find out if this is a good fit for you.