Sharing silliness

Written by Amy on July 10th, 2017

I’ve been blog-quiet for a while and, now that there is some relief in sight, I recognize that I was in caregiver burn out.

In the months since I last wrote,

  • mom had several bouts of infections = more mood swings and delusional states
  • various bowel complications = more irritation with caregivers
  • more needs = stretching her care team very very thin

It reminded me of when I used to run cross country. When the team went for long runs, we would usually chit chat for the first 20 minutes, then people settled into a nice rhythm. It wasn’t that you couldn’t talk, there just wasn’t much to say.

So that’s how it’s been – just not much to say while in the midst of a long exertion of energy. Now that we have some new caregivers coming on board, I feel like I can breath easier. Life is getting bigger again. I’m pleased to have the urge and brain space to write.

What better way to break my silence on the theme of care of the elderly than with some serious silliness. Please join me for a good laugh as Saturday Night Live strikes again.

(and more of my usual blogging is in process!)

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