Warm Wishes for Mother’s Day

Written by Amy on May 13th, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!

to all Mothers, and to all who honor this gift of life that came through our mothers!

This day is bitter-sweet for me, as my own mother recognizes me differently each day. On Thursday, I was a cursed demon who she needed to chase from the house. Repeatedly. Friday, I was a lovely helper she enjoyed sharing breakfast and morning sunshine with. Saturday, I was once again her daughter, Amy.

In honor of mom, I want to share one of my favorite conversations – it happens every once in a while, when I’m helping her with the most intimate of caregiving situations.

She looks at me earnestly, “Who does this for you?”

“I do it myself right now.”

“You have to do this yourself?”


“Humph,” she says under her breath, “you shouldn’t have to help me with this.”

“Well, I do it for myself now, but I bet I’ll need help when I’m older!  And do you know what?”


“You helped me with this when I was baby.”

“I did?” she asks incredulously.

“Yes, you did. You did this for me many many times when I was a little baby.”

“Really?” Our eyes soften as we look at each other.

“Yes. Really. You’re my mamma. You took care of me. You did this for me. Now I’m doing it for you.”

She reaches her hands out and holds my face, “I’m so glad I took care of you.”

“Me too.”

As her memory fades with Alzheimer’s, I get to choose what we remember. What I will bring into the present from my memory. And what I let go.

It’s a disease in which memory and many other facets of the mind change randomly. Yet in this malleability, when I’m awake to it, I can help to shape the present into something beautiful.

So I thank mom for the original gift of life, and now too for the new gifts that come from practicing creative awareness, and love, amidst the ever-changing mind.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Juliet says:

    Amy, this is so tender and touching. I love the way you reminded your mother about how she cared for you when you were a baby. Shaping the present into something beautiful, that’s a wonderful attitude to practice.

  2. Oh, Amy. This post touched my heart. Such a gift you are offering your mother…with your tenderness, presence and remembrance.

  3. Jill Winski says:

    Amy, what a moving post — I love how you worded “being awake to this malleability” so that the present is a gift. This post certainly brought me right to the present moment. Thank you!

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